Tuesday, April 26, 2011

rhymin' simon

We went to the Paul Simon concert last night at the Davies Symphony Hall and it was wonderful! He played some old favorites, lots of stuff from his new album, and even made some funny jokes. I hold a dear place in my heart for Mr. Simon. The first time I heard Simon & Garfunkel was when I was about 13. This guy's dad was driving my friends and I to a birthday party and The Sound of Silence came on. I remember thinking that I hadn't heard anything like it before and I was a fan from then on.

So I put together a little playlist of some of my favorites from Paul Simon over the years. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the tracklist with the albums:

Kathy's Song- Bridge Over Troubled Water
Dazzling Blue- So Beautiful Or So What
Crazy Love, Volume II- Graceland
Hearts and Bones- Hearts and Bones
Slip Slidin' Away- Greatest Hits, Etc.
The Only Living Boy in New York- Bridge Over Troubled Water
Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes- Graceland
Something So Right- There Goes Ryhmin' Simon
That Was Your Mother- Graceland
The Boxer- Bridge Over Troubled Water
Father and Daughter- Surprise


Berit said...

Thanks for a great playlist to accompany me through the day! Can't wait to see camping pictures.

Anonymous said...

You can't beat PS. Best singer song writer I can think of. Way better than Billy Joel or Neil Diamond. Maybe James Taylor is a close second. I can't believe the first time you heard Paul Simon was when you were 13 with Ken Jennings dad. I grew up with Graceland playing in my house, and we have the same mom and dad. I remember someone asking me what music I like when I was at lunch break at Vista Verde when I was about 10 years old, and I said Paul SImon. I just bought the 2 disc Essential Paul Simon a few months ago. Good stuff. See you this weekend. - Cort